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You deserve the best

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At Africa’s Best Safaris, we want you to have a great experience and work closely with our suppliers across Africa to ensure this happens. We do realise that from time to time, something may go wrong.

Should that happen, we first hope to correct the problem at the time. This means you need to take steps to have the problem rectified at the time of the problem.

If there is a problem with your room at a hotel or lodge, you should bring the problem to the attention of the hotel’s management. If they do not correct the problem, and you are with a driver/guide, contact him and have him assist in solving the problem.

Should you not be with a driver/guide (such as in a beach stay), we will provide you with emergency numbers to contact and hopefully resolve the problem.

If the problem cannot be resolved, we will look to provide reasonable compensation for the services not provided or not as per expectations.

IMPORTANT: If you have not attempted to resolve the problem locally, we will not entertain compensation requests on return.

Should you decide to change your trip during the safari, you may be responsible for additional charges that will be payable at that time.

Should you miss services as a result of services you have booked yourself such as late arrival of a flight you have booked, you will be responsible for the costs of catching up with your safari arrangements.

Please also see our terms and conditions of bookings and cancellation fees.